Upcoming Events

Event plans for the 2023-2024 academic year are under development. Is there an event you’d like to see happen? Please reach out to Steven Houang (

Past Events

12/2-3/2019: Dr. Carmen Logie, Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Toronto, for a visit December 2-3, 2019. Her research focuses on developing and assessing interventions that address stigma among global LGBTQ populations. Activities include a research talk, a luncheon, and individual meetings.

9/9/2019: LGBTQ Health Disparities Research Collaborative semester kickoff meeting

4/26/2019: Dr. Marcy Boynton: “Deconstructing the LGBTQ Monolith and Tobacco Use Disparities: Results from a National Phone Survey of Gender and Sexual Minority Adults”

2/7/2019:  Dr. Karen Parker Talk: “Sexual and Gender Minority Research Activities at the    NIH”

2/6/2019:  Grantspersonship Workshop for Sexual and Gender Minority Research with Dr. Karen Parker, Director of the Sexual and Gender Minority Office at the NIH

3/27/2018:  LGBTQ Health Research Career Q&A with Dr. Will Hall

2/23/2018:  Coffee with Dr. Kerith Conron, Research Director at the Williams Institute, UCLA

1/29/2018:  JP Przewoznik talk: “Compulsory Identity, Rape Culture, and Violence Against LGBTQ+ People: What the Evidence Tells Us and Where It’s Lacking”

10/30/2017:  Dr. Derrick Matthews talk: “Leaving no one behind: Engaging with diversity among Black MSM in HIV prevention”

10/3/2017:  Dr. Tonia Poteat talk: “HIV in Transgender Populations: A Human Rights Approach”

3/28/2017:  Dr. Lisa Hightow-Weidman talk: “HIV disparities among gay, bisexual, non-identifying men and Careers in LGBTQ Heath Research”